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Macklemore and Ryan are simply killing it.

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The duet is known from their top performances live, and this past visit through Jimmy Kimmel’s show was not the exception the duet has had an excellent trajectory of success due to their hard work on stage performing and recording and selling greatest hits the lattest single by the duo dance off with the featuring of the singer Idris Elba has had top attention into the media, due to the taste of the music.

The duo showed themselves up in Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show with a live performance of their latest single dance off even though they were not in the company of Idris Elba and had a replacement for their voice, the duo did not have any problems ins showing the audience what they are made off, taking it to the roof with their latest hit, and some other songs as well like their hit downtown.

There is no doubt that the due is pushing themselves towards the top of the business they want it they have shown the hunger for it, and the people is diggin’ it the audience had a blast with the artists performance, which can be seen on internet channels for media streaming.

The duo stuck around to joke around their personality is fun and fresh. They are a good influence on the media, giving it another air the due enjoyed themselves on stage as performers, and also as a part of the show of Jimmy Kimmel in the sketch name that thing. Where the host of the show names not so famous objects and makes fun all over the place.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Sasquatch 2011

The actor Dax Sheppard joined the show and made a fun sketch to watch that also gave us some more vocabulary to a lot of us, the show is the perfect participation of what is yet to undertake when you go to a tv show, Jimmy Kimmel likes to play with his guest and it is pretty cool that the guest like to play around as well.

Everything that went down on the show was extremely well coordinated the duet did an amazing job, laughing, performing in the stage, and performing as a part of the sketches as well there is nothing to an artist than having a nice attitude, the outcome, is that the audience loves them, and the media too, being accessible is essential in today’s media.

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