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Macklemore is not another white and common rapper

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Minorities do not usually like someone to come from a majority and take ownership of their problems and their way of expressing them to create art. But when Ben Haggerty, a white rapper from Seattle (Washington, USA) calling himself Macklemore, released his first album eleven years ago.

He did not varnish it from the arrogance that everyone expected of this musical genre. But with a feeling of guilt that then nobody in his country waited for his skin color.

macklemore is not another white rapper

The language of my World, his first album, it was not the only idea for his first album, but the most breakthrough, which differentiated the rookie from other white rappers like Eminem. Wherever they defended themselves from the critics, Macklemore was right. He was a white man living in a black world.

Hip hop is not only moved by rhythm: it is mainly driven by ideas.

Today Macklemore is one of the most famous rappers in the world, thanks to his collaborations with Ryan Lewis, a producer who improved his insightful rhyme with memorable patterns, and choruses. Thus, came Same love, a song that ended up leading Macklemore to the same uncomfortable situation of representing a minority to which he did not belong: in 2012 this song composed by two heterosexuals became, by pure chance, the unofficial anthem of the fight for equal marriage in Washington State.

Awards and recognition.

In 2014, Macklemore and Lewis won Grammy Awards for Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Rap Album. In both cases, they defeated Kendrick Lamar, one of the new icons of the iconic Compton, a famous neighborhood in Los Angeles.

That night, Macklemore apologized in public: “It’s very strange and I hate to have stolen you”. He put in a message he then posted on his Instagram account. Seeing the tendency of the artist to apologize for getting into racial problems that were not his own but recurring again and again. Many people thought, he was not sincere, but that is precisely what distinguishes Macklemore.

He is one of the most original and sincere rappers of the moment. His struggle to find his place in hip hop is anyone’s struggle to find a place in the world.

Macklemore knows how to combine his recurrent thoughts with frankly interesting ideas.

Perhaps that desire for authenticity comes the spirit of This unruly mess I’ve made, the duo’s new album, which seeks to make a comb to pop. There are new racial considerations (White privilege II) that do not fall into the obvious, but neither in the condescending.

There are also much more original songs (Brad Pitt’s cousin) about his cat’s account on Instagram. Need to know where he wonders what difference there is between his reflections and the Miley Cyrus’ videos doing twerking.

How does this translate on the stage?

The feelings are understood without the lyrics. The choruses engage, the beats excite and the energy that moves Macklemore is contagious. It is much more than hip hop, but it is also a great hip hop.

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