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Mexican Rap or how to fight between fans by Pijos and Comadres

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Within the rap music in Spanish there have always been several disputes for “theft of letters and songs” among the different groups of rap. These “robberies” are often coincidences in the lyrics or coincidences within the musical rhythm and rarely have an impact on the serious music market.

Mexican rap

These minor impacts usually develop into a number of “disputes” that technically rarely reach fights between fans of a band or another or legal demands. This is not the case in the Anglo-Saxon world where piracy, copy of lyrics and copy of musical rhythms are prohibited by law and there are greater legal implications.

But this time, fans of a Spanish rap band have unleashed the anger of another group of rap fans in Spanish due to the copy of musical rhythms and copy of lyrics. This “fight” has taken several injured to the hospitals within the city of Mexico. This fan club fight is between “pijos” and “comadres”. Groups of rap in Spanish totally opposite each other but have coincided in some lyrics and some musical rhythms.

This has unleashed the anger not only of the fans, but also of the various music labels that do not want to be involved in a case of theft of intellectual material and illegal copy of these. Without further ado, we will delve deeper into this topic: let us begin.

Mexican rap fight

The legal fight began when the Mexican rap group “los pijos” formally denounced the theft of song lyrics by the “comadres” group and according to the statement of the lawyer of the pijos: this systematically violates the copyright of the different rap bands.

For the part of the comadres, the lawyer of the comadres established that it was a coincidence of song lyrics and musical rhythms between the disc of the pijos and the recent disc of the comadres. What began as a legal battle within the courts, became chaos within any concert of these two bands of Mexican rap.

Fans of both bands have been hitting, insulting, murdering and even beating each other inside the concerts of both bands. That is why Mexican justice is seeking a diplomatic and peaceful way to resolve this conflict of interests.

This has led to a wave of violence never seen between two bands of Spanish rap. The Mexican justice wants and wants to solve these legal problems to end once and for all the wave of violence that has meant all this.

Meanwhile, the music labels have called for calm and quiet on the part of lso different fans of both bands. But still they continue with the beatings between them and the continuous massacres between the groups of fans. For the moment we have to wait for the judge to decide in the next few weeks to resolve the case.

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