» » MIA female rapper presents her new video P.O.W.A

MIA female rapper presents her new video P.O.W.A

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She says on the lyric she is not “Madonna, nor Rihanna”. The singer MIA who has changed a bit since she became famous, is a 40-something-year-old veteran. She has recently premiered a video and she dares on it with some provocation to mention many of the mainstream pop music muses from now and then. The name of the video is “P.O.W.A where she says she is not “Madonna, nor Rihanna”.


“I’m not Rihanna,” she sings. “I’m not Madonna,” she says. “I’m not Mariah,” she adds. “I’m not Ariana,” she concludes. With these verses, MIA shouts to the industry that says she is still trying to turn her music into Pop.

MIA last album

It has been five months since MIA published her fifth, perhaps last studio album. The British singer is still recording music and scenes where this album is proving this. The clip, full of color and a mystical tone, sometimes exhibits impressive landscapes. At other times, an MIA as protagonist while dozens of dancers reproduce choreography with music.

She assures that her style is unique. The rapper is tired of comparisons, although sometimes she has collaborated with the divas that she now mentions on the song. The most remembered example was her song with Madonna and Nicki Minaj “Give Me All Your Money”. Which led to the very Super Bowl in 2012. There, to give a non-pop touch to the performance, finished the show with a sleeve cut. It became the cover of many newspapers, magazines even websites.

That event did not like at all to Madonna. This is her last creation, the video “P.O.W.A.”

A brief biography

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam was born in 1977 in the capital of England, London. Shortly after her birth, her parents took her to Sri Lanka. MIA is a popular hip hop singer. Famous for her graffiti culture, hip hop, electronic music and more.

Maya’s childhood was really complicated, since she spent much of her childhood living on a farm without running water or electricity, raised by her grandparents.

Her first album of music was called “Piracy Funds Terrorism”. It went on sale in 2004, by a DJ who Maya had recorded a video called “Mad Dog”. The album was so successful that it was inevitable to re-enter studios to record new material. This was called “Arular”, it became top ten in almost all radios in North America in 2005.

At the same time, its guerrilla and coupist themes echoed within the United States censors. So they were gradually banning their material in certain strategic ways.

For example: MTV does not broadcast her videos because they allude to the Palestinian liberation movement, and the government recently barred entry by invalidating her visa.

With Justine Frischmann, from Elastica, she participated in the second album of the band and in its tour. Recording and releasing the video of her single, “Mad Dog”. Back in London, they recorded a first album together that served as a business card.

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