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Nelly comes back

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The hip-hop singer from Missouri who spent part of his career with a Band-Aid on his face, and gave us good hits that still sound on some discos, has come back. This rapper is Nelly, and with his new song called “Sounds Good to Me” arrives totally transformed. Nelly will turn 43 next November.

He has always wanted to show himself proud of his origins inside the countryside in the United States. He has done that since his debut with a studio album 17 years ago, in 2000, under the title Country Grammar.


Rap from the Midwest

With Iowa to the North, and Illinois to the West, the Missouri map within the country. The state is part of the Midwest region, although its cultural and historical attributes tend to be focused on the south of the country. Nelly was born in Austin (Texas), and arrived to St. Louis (Missouri) when he was on his teenage. He began with hip hop there, and his music worked as a bridge to attract fans to that zone of the country.

Nelly Success

Until the date, Nelly has seven albums and a handful of successes, and now he comes back with a different style that sounds less than hip hop, but country music. His inclination for country is not new, but since he has not released music recently, makes us wonder whether he will continue with his career in a different path. At the moment, you can listen “Sounds Good to Me” on different radio stations. Nelly now does not have that particular Band-Aid on his face.

Brief biography

Cornell Haynes Jr. AKA Nelly, was born on November 2nd, 1974. His parents divorced when he was only one-year-old. he began to develop considerable abilities to the rhythm in his neighborhood, apart from being a very talented baseball player.

In 1992 he became involved in the world of drugs which he sold, and in the year 1993 when his high school studies finished, his girlfriend of Shanell College became pregnant, for which the rapper chose to keep climbing in the world of drugs. He no longer sold them, he was already the distributor, which made him earn more money.

He formed the famous group St. Lunatics, with his friends from Kyjuan, Ali, Murphy Lee and City Spud in 1994, and sparked local interest in 1996 with the theme “Gimme What Ya Got”. Nelly with his illegal business was the one who sponsored everything they needed from food to transportation.

They then released “Who’s The Boss”. This single helped them with their reputation, but they did not grab the attention from any record label. They then decided to look for some luck in Atlanta where they reached a partnership with Kula who was their manager.

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