» » How much would you pay for the original letter of “Dear Mama” by 2pac?

How much would you pay for the original letter of “Dear Mama” by 2pac?

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Coincidence or not, since 2pac Shakur mother’s death, a number of possessions of the singer have begun to auction that have purchased high prices at sites for collectors. From the chain he wore when he was moored in 1994 to the Bible he had in jail, in recent months a number of unique articles of the singer have been sold. The last one: the handwritten lyrics of his song “Dear Mama”.

2pack and his mother

3 historical sheets and thousands of dollars in auction

The lyrics, occupied 3 sheets of paper and, according to reports, come from the Tupac’s recording studio, and they have been purchased from a collector from Poland. The price for which it is sold is $ 75,000 and can be purchased through MomentsInTime.com.

Dear Mama

“Dear Mama” is the first single from the third album of 2Pac Me Against the World. The song was produced by Tony Pizarro and written by 2Pac in dedication to his mother Afeni Shakur. The single was the most successful of all the releases of the album.

The song is also considered by critics, fans and purists as one of the best rap songs of all time, and one of the best songs of 2Pac in particular, being chosen #4 on the list of rap’s top 100 songs from About.com. “Dear Mama” was nominated for a Grammy Award for best solo rap performance.

Commercial and Critical Success

The song topped Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart for five weeks, the R & B / Hip-Hop Songs for a week, and reached # 9 on the Hot 100. It also ranked highest on the Hot Dance Music Maxi-Singles chart for four weeks. The single was certified platinum by the RIAA on July 13th, 1995.

It is considered by many to be the most emotional and most respected 2Pac’s song, and it is praised by many artists (Eminem mentions it as their favorite song), even by many artists who are not in the rap world. In 1998, the song was included in the album Greatest Hits. The official remix also is produced by Nitty and features the collaboration of R&B singer Anthony Hamilton on the album Best of 2Pac 2007.


The music video for “Dear Mama” was directed by Calvin Caday while 2Pac was serving a prison sentence, so he had to use a Tupac double for certain moments in the video. Afeni Shakur appeared in the video, flipping through the pages of a photo album with images of a young Tupac. The video also shows excerpts from the articles related to the Black Panther Party, alluding to her past as a member of this political organization.

Inside US Congress

The famous Tupac Shakur’s song written for his mother is one of the 25 recordings that are put in the United States Congress inside the National Recording of the Congress Library.

However, this remarkable distinction means that for the standards of the National Recording Preservation Board, the song Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur has been described as “culturally, historically and aesthetically signifying.

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