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A pharmacist bought the last album of Wu- Tang Clan

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The group decided to create a unique album. Which they decided to sell, as crazy as it sounds, it’s true. The long waited and unique Album of Wu- Tang Clan is named, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. The price of the sell is approximately $5 million, and a person achieve buy this expensive album.

This person is Martin Shkreli, is an American businessman, enterprising and pharmacist. Who also is founder of these companies:

  • Biotechnology Retrophin  LLC (CEO)
  • Covering fund MSMB Capital Administration.
  • Turing Pharmaceuticals A.G
Wu- Tang Clan

Wu- Tang Clan is a renowned American rap group; every single member of this group had release albums as soloist, and also as a group. They confirm that the goal of the group is to create the biggest hip hop empire of history. Been the head of the empire, the group and the roots, every member of the group by their own.

Who in September of 2015, was consider as the most hated man of United States and even the entire world. When he got manufacture’s the license of Antiparasitic Daraprim (medicine against AIDS). He increases the price at the markets in an exorbitant way, from $13,50 to $750. Then, a year later, he bought the original and only album in the market of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin from the group Wu- Tang  Clan.

Wu- Tang Clan

He’s a collector, because it isn’t the only value and exclusive object that he has.

According to his position facing off the critics about the price increase. His job and duty in the company its increase the earnings. Apparently, he doesn’t feel any guilt because it’s a fact, that he considers that his job is a good job. The logic that he applies is that a striker in a soccer team has to score many goals as possible; even if the public doesn’t want that the rival team loses.

One of the concerns of Shkreli was about how the group Wu Tang Clan was to react. However, there wasn’t any novelty with the subject and the deal could get closed.



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