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Prodigy: His life and Death

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Albert Johnson, also known as Prodigy, has died in the afternoon of this Tuesday, June 20, 2017. He died due to hematological complications. He would have been hospitalized in the evening hours of Monday for health complications after the concert of Mobb R. In those hematological complications that had, it is possible to mention that he suffered from a hereditary disease of the heart. Reason why it worsened his situation of Health after he had entered the hospital.

Prodigy Life

Remember that the rap artist was born in New York in a poor family and in one of the dangerous neighborhoods of the city of Manhattan. This rap artist was born thanks to the many recitals and the opportunity to grow musically. Everything thanks to famous rap recordings and these also helped the rap artist to become famous.

He was an important member within the group of Mobb Deep and of which they arose great Music albums. Mobb Deep is also a group that consolidated the bases of the Rap in the early 90’s and thanks to the musical influence of this band were born great rap artists like 50 cent also Eminem.

In the early 2000s, the rap artist released several solo albums, creating large music albums such as H.N.I.C and many other renowned music albums. This helped to consolidate the musical foundations within the style of rap for the new generation of musical artists dedicated to this great musical branch.

The multiple problems with the law of the rapper artist Prodigy can be counted by tens. But one of the most famous incidents involving the law was when he was in possession of an illegal weapon. A .22 caliber gun. Along with his producer The Alchemist. This event happened in 2013 and he was sent to jail for 5 months.

During this period of time, he took the opportunity to create lyrics and musical rhythms for his new musical album that would be released at the end of that year. In that way it shows that his musical talent appeared even in the places like the jail.


The origin of his death was due to a serious hereditary disease that suffered all his life: Sickle cell anemia. These cells do not form correctly and produce many complications in terms of organ formation, transport of oxygen and energy in the blood among other things.

His entire life rap artist Prodigy has suffered from this disease. With many comings and goings in the hospital to do many surgical operations. Also many blood transfusions for the proper transport of oxygen and energy into the bloodstream.

Finally his body collapsed on Tuesday June 20 after severe health complications that kept him in bed with a comma. The body will be transferred by his family to a funeral. He will be cremated. He will spread his ashes in places that he liked to go (beaches, favorite bar, among other things).

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