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Prodigy’s funeral reunites Hip Hop celebrities

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Prodigy, half of the group Mobb Deep, who died a week and a half of complications related to a disease that suffered from birth, was farewell by hip hop legends at a funeral in New York. 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Ice T, Raekwon, Jadakiss and Remy Ma were among the musicians who attended the event.

The Ceremony

There were thousands of people, according to the specialized press, and dozens of names known, in the ceremony that was officiated today June 29, 2017. The event took place at Frank E. Campbell funeral home, near Central Park, at 81st Street in Manhattan, New York. The address was 1076 Madison Avenue.

In the photos shared in the media and in social networks, you can see a series of the rapper’s pictures, along with some of his albums, caps, t-shirts, prizes, and others of his belongings. All of them, surrounded by white flowers bouquets, and candles that showed the affection and sadness of the farewell.

How it happened.

Prodigy’s death came to him when he was spending a few days in Las Vegas. There he performed on June 17 at the famous disco 1OAK, and the concert had announced it in his own account in Instagram, which is still active.

On his trip to Las Vegas, he also performed alongside Havoc, the other half of Mobb Deep, and several rappers who, unknowingly, would only meet again at Prodigy’s funeral a few days later. Among them were Raekwon and Ice T.

Prodigy’s latest social network release was that same day, on June 17, in Las Vegas, with an image of him in front of a graffiti that reads the name of his music group, Mobb Deep.

Havoc’s tribute.

“Brothers forever,” Havoc wrote on the day of the funeral with a photo of him next to Prodigy when they were very young. They met at an art institute in Manhattan, New York. They were first called Political Prophets and debuted with a studio album in 1993, Juvenile Hell. Together they released 8 albums, the latter, The Infamous Mobb Deep in 2014.

About Mobb Deep.

Also, known as The Infamous Mobb Deep, was a rap duo formed by Havoc (MC and Producer) and Prodigy (MC) (originally from Queensbridge, NY, Long Island City).

They became especially known for their second album, The Infamous, and for their hit single “Shook Ones Pt. II”

Growing up in hostile environments of poverty, drugs and street gang violence, Mobb Deep tried to express all the experiences of their lives through rap. Havoc and Prodigy were still teenagers at the time of their debut. They surprised many by the violent nature of the album. Although the album was not well received by the public, it showed the raw talent of the duo. The unique chemistry of Prodigy’s lyrical passion, combined with the melancholic rhythms of Havoc.

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