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The new yorker band Public Enemy is back!

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‘Fight the power’ was the consecration of the New York band, Public Enemy. Every time someone listens to Fight the power, you feel like conflict. However, it carries the yearning for revolt in its DNA. From the deafening wall of overlapping samples of the central loops to the devilishly funk rhythm of the beat. Through the fearsome lyrical challenge of their rhymes. Also the whole creative architecture of the song is an explicit invitation to seek trouble.


Public Enemy back in the late 80s

We are in 1989 again. Hip hop is a young musical genre in the process of growth. Public Enemy an emerging band looking for their first full-length and massive single after two memorable albums. Spike Lee a promise of the new independent American cinema on his way to his first masterpiece.

With this collaboration is like saying being hungry, just lead to hunger, and not only does the hymn that the African American director needs so much to give the final touch to the project, Also the song that gets to synthesize, and popularize, all the virtues and signs of identity of the most important group in the history of hip hop: a groundbreaking, innovative and intimidating sound; A discourse of electrifying and furious socio-political load; And provocative staging.

About the song and the film

Fight the Power. One of the great merits of the song, beyond its extraordinary musical attributes, is that it captures and perfectly projects the tension climate of the film. In fact, Spike Lee’s use of it is totally deliberate: every time Radio Raheem, key figure in the film, appears on the screen with his giant portable radio, that spews the notes of Fight the power in a thunderous and systematic way, the stress of the characters, but also the audience, is increasing, in an irremediable dramatic tension that explodes in that end of solemn and twilight melancholy that the filmmaker has never managed to match.

As a counterpart

Fight the power is a prodigy born of rage, frustration and the need to activate and motivate an entire community. In it, Chuck D spurs his people not to turn the other cheek, with a poisoned dart to Bobby McFerrin and his Do not worry, be happy that supposes a smack to the complacency of many African American communities; Denounces the inherent racism of American society, with a frontal attack on popular icons like John Wayne or Elvis Presley; And incites angrily to fight the established power. Spike Lee wanted a hymn. And they gave him a beautiful declaration of war.

Spike Lee repeated constantly that chant to the members of the band, and he could get one of the most remarkable hip hop songs of all time in the world. It turned into a vindication for African-American people.

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