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Rap and Culture around the world

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Rap has become a symbol of artistic expression in the last years. It is, in fact, one of the most practiced musical arts of the last decades. Thanks to the great rhyme, deep lyrics and harmonious rhythms that can create pleasant and fun music environments.

Rap and Culture

But it has also created a wide range of young people who help get away from the problems of daily life. Such as drug dealing, child prostitution, possession of illegal weapons and other things. That is why rap has become a symbol of salvation for different cities. Today we will talk about it.

Mexico D.F

In El Tepito neighborhood, Mexico D.F, rap has become a way of expressing artfully the problems of young people. It is in fact a great source of anger. Anger and frustration inside the Tepito community.

It is the rap and the poetry in which these young people communicate to the world the acts of violence, vandalism, murders and traffic of drugs that is seen daily inside the neighborhood the Tepito. Thanks to this project, the number of young people entering the ranks of some gang has been reduced considerably. These gangs often end up in the country’s worst prison for armed robbery, murder and kidnapping.


Another city that has implemented instilling rap culture into the poorest communities is Detroit. Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA, which translates into a high crime rate, homicide and kidnapping. The slums are very often the refuge of big gangs that devastate the city every day.

That is why initiatives such as Rap in community serve as encouragement and artistic expressions for young people living in these neighborhoods in order to express through music everything that lives daily within their neighborhoods. With artistic expressions are expected to lower the high levels of crime prevalent within the city of Detroit.


They have also implemented the program to encourage young people within the rap culture in European cities. As is the case in the city of Berlin, where the dangerous neighborhoods of the city plus the increase in the number of Syrian refugees by the Syrian civil war have given rise to a growing wave of criminality within the German city.

The Merkel government has implemented cultural training programs to deal with the ongoing crime wave within the city. One of these programs is the implementation of music as a means to bring to the air frustrations and negative feelings. One of these musical expressions is Rap.

Quickly it has become a favorite of children since many of them want to be like 50 cent or Xzibit. This gives a sense of motivation inside their minds and their hearts. Getting them away from bad gang life, murder, kidnapping and more.

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