» » The hip hop singer, Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery

The hip hop singer, Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery

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Last week, we had the chance to see on the news about the unexpected arrest of the Chicago hip hop singer Chief Keef. For the alleged robbery and assault of a former producer. The musician soon paid the half-million-dollar bail imposed by the authorities. But, the matter is not over yet. He will have to return to the court to explain what happened in February. We have to wait 24 days to know his future.

The hip hop singer, Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery

Chief Keef arrested

Chief Keef was arrested on January 26, 2017 accused of an alleged robbery on his former producer’s house, Ramsay Tha Great. Who also denounces to have been beaten by Keef and his partner Darron Rose. After paying the bail, the rapper was released. But he has an appointment with the court on February 24th. According to the police record on L.A County Sheriff Department.

Concretely, Chief Keef will have to attend at 8:30 the San Fernando Court on the 900 Third Street in San Fernando (California), according the same source we have. San Fernando Municipality is at the Northwest of L.A County, and it has barely over 20.000 inhabitants.

The other arrested person is his 24-year-old colleague Darren Rose who also paid the bail, in his case was $250.000. Rose has also attend to the Court the same day at the same time.
Keef’s plans.

Chief Keef is trying that his detention does not change his plans, and he recently announce that he will start a tour next February 2nd. The first show will be held in Boulder (Colorado). Even though he was born in Chicago, he currently lives in Woodland Hills (California).

Why Chief Keef like it so much?

You may not even like Chief Keef. You may have listened a couple of times to Love Sosa, or I Do Not Like -voluntarily or involuntarily-and they were etched in your subconscious. You saw yourself repeating that “A snitch nig” and doing arrhythmic compulsive movements.

Little by little your curiosity has bitten you. And since you are a well-informed person, you begin to be more receptive to the news you are reading about this Chicago fella. Everything around him seems to be so incredible, you start to hook more and more.

Keith Cozart, born in 1995, better known by his stage name Chief Keef. Is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He signed a recording contract with Interscope Records, and he is also the CEO of his own label, Glory Boyz Entertainment. His debut album ”Finally Rich” that was released on December 18, 2012. Despite leaving the Interscope in late 2014, Chief Keef continues to release mixtapes through his Glo Gang record label.

The lyrics of his songs are discreet. In the line ‘fumeta’ that presupposes the proud nickname. The weed is in the lyrics and, by extension, in the dissolute behavior of this young man. Whose advent coincides also with a particularly spiritual and social time in hip hop music.

“I know I’m rich at last / but nothing has changed,” expels in his song ‘Finally Rich’. “Me and my boys still shoot. / We’ll whip a nigga from anywhere. / I can drive expensive cars … / I can smoke all the shit, / so placed that I could not see through the peephole. / An authentic nigga from the block”, finishes saying Mr. Keef.

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