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Rick Ross can be the first victim of Trump’s era

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The arrival of Donald Trump as a President of the United States of America has taken the world of music as a surprise. Specifically Hip Hop. The music genre that has been involved politically than any other genre. During the last days there have been some serious rumors about the summoned relationship between Donald Trump and American Hip Hop. Rick Ross can face charges of serious felony after the releasing his video “Free Enterprise”. Where the rapper from Georgia “threats” to assassinate Mr. Trump.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross song

The song launched on YouTube less than 24 hours after the election where Donald Trump was announced as the winner of the ballots in the USA. Specifically, on November 9th, 2016. During 2 minutes-30 seconds, Ross does an alleged affront to the politician. John Legend collaborates with the interpretation on the same song.

Apparently and according to some blogs, the researchers observe a clear death threat on the song. The Secret Service of the United States is already focus on Ross. The rapper could face to a E Class felony whose maximum penalty would be 5 years of prison with $250.000 fine. That threat against the President of the United States or his successors in office is specified in the United States Civil Code, as well as its possible repercussions.

Indirect implicated

Some of the indirect implicated are already taken preventive measures about the issue. Walmart according to some news has already retiring his CD “Black Market” from his physical stores. Although it is still available on its online store. YouTube has not retired the video but they have placed a bleep just on the top of that part of the lyric where the rapper sings the threatening part.

Rick Ross has already been behind bars and as he expressed to the press on a song-by-song tour for this new album, the track was conceived the summer in which he was imprisoned, before Trump’s run to the presidency began. Ross has had legal problems since 2008. The most serious one took place on June 24th, 2015. Arrested for kidnapping and aiming with a weapon to a man.

Official announcement

The agency represented by Ricky Ross has not announced any release, nor providing any information about any publication. Since Donald Trump is the president elected the tension about racial discrimination and the minorities in the United States has increased.

The legal mechanisms, even the censorship of the US government are also intensifying since the recent succession. According to this news a video parody about Donald J. Trump hosted on YouTube is also facing serious problems.

In any case, Trump has been in the office for almost two months. Any accusation against the rapper has not arrived to his house yet. But he cannot be too confident about this premises.

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