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Ricky Martin claims on Twitter that he never did lip syncing

Emily 10 de December del 2016 celebrities
Ricky Martin is the best and most well-known Latin American pop singer in the world. Originally from Puerto Rico, he is like the Latin version of Michael Jackson. We can say then that he is the King of Latin American pop music. He started his career very young when he was just 12 years old with a famous boy band pop group called Menudo. They launched their first album in 1977 and even released films.

Ricky joined Menudo in the mid-1980s and sings in both languages, English and Spanish. So technically, he has more than thirty years of experience in the music industry. There are many other famous artists that have worked in duets with him. Among them are: Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Franco de Vita, Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini and many others.

Also, he became even more famous and respected as a human being in 2010. That year, he became the first Latin American artist to publicly admit his homosexuality. As a result, he has gained millions of fans around the world, but also many haters. And on his last tour, called “One world Tour”, he did a stop in Mexico where his performances in D.F, Guadalajara and Puebla were filled up, as usual, by millions. He received strong criticism that made his stay almost unbearable.

His haters said that he doesn’t sing live. For instance, according to them, he uses a recorded voice called playback. They allege that he plays the recorded voice while lip lynching, something that  made Ricky Martin blow up in anger on his Twitter account by saying, “I never do playback. NEVER. I always use live voice”.Ricky Martin claims on twitter that has never done playback

Ricky Martin claims on Twitter that he has never done lip syncing with playback

This was an unexpected insult for his career in Mexico. Especially for an artist that has so many years of experience on stage, more than thirty years, to be exact. His defenders did not hesitate to give a response as well. Fans stated that, due to his massive success wherever he goes, he is the object of envy for others.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if this slander is true or false. Because the thing is that Ricky Martin has an amazing voice that the whole world recognizes. And he is living one of his best moments in his life, not only in his long and successful career but in his personal life.

He is going to have a wedding very soon. He is engaged with a painter of Syrian-Swedish background named Jwan Yosef. They both announced their engagement this year on the television talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Also, in spite of Ricky’s haters and their criticism about his voice, he had a lovely time on Mexican soil with Jwan. So much that there is gossip that claims the perfect gay couple got married secretly in Acapulco.

If this rumor is true, isn’t this a lesson for everyone? No matter how well you do things, you will always have critics. Someone will always point their finger at you, even if you have done charity or humanitarian work as Ricky Martin has also been doing throughout his life.

So in these cases, you have to do like the singer of “Living la vida loca” has done. Live your crazy life and give your best in everything you do. You’ll end up producing more envy and criticism that, in the end, aren’t so bad. It tells you that you are probably doing things right.

Ricky,lip if you are reading this, whatever, you do, all the fans support you because they think that you are the perfect example of a good and happy life.




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