» » Samuel O’Kane is synonymous of rap and hip hop

Samuel O’Kane is synonymous of rap and hip hop

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Samuel O’Kane is synonymous of rap and hip hop within the youths of Barcelona. It is also synonymous with the words musical perseverance, love of musical lyrics, musical rhythm and musical rhythm of the urban environments. Such as the dangerous neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Samuel O'Kane

Samuel has released many albums combining music from all over the world and mixing them with his authentic rap and hip hop spirit. His latest musical work will be on sale for the public at the end of 2017.

Samuel O’Kane Origins

Inside his origins we find that he was raised at home with much love by his mother. Growing up in a dangerous neighborhood where he had to learn to survive in the hostile environment in the city of Barcelona.

This is how he began his life as a drug dealer and as a cocaine salesman on the darkest streets of Barcelona. He was arrested several times and has gone from jail to jail for his actions. However inside the spanish jail he would find the musical inspiration he needed thanks to the rhythm of rap and hip hop.

Samuel presented his first rap battle after his third incarceration in jail. This rap battle was advised by a friend of his life to see that he had potential and love for rap and hip hop. He quickly gained fame within the different bars where they performed until one night a representative of a famous record company in Europe made him a contract for thousands of euros, a contract that Samuel willingly accepted.

With the passage of time, he grew up as an artist of rap and hip hop and his fame was acquiring strength and has since traveled throughout Spain to promote his musical albums. He has also toured to promote his musical ambitions throughout Europe

Thanks to the fact that he gradually gained confidence in his new talent and new way of life, he has been able to buy a new house, a new car and many jewels such as those seen by rap artists within music videos.


His albums are about life in prison, life on the streets and the fights he had to endure in order to survive inside the dangerous neighborhoods of Barcelona. Today he is one of the most famous artists in Spain.

The albums of Samuel O ‘Kane have a great combination of musicals of all kinds. From urban dance to improvised rap. So his fans will always have a great musical variety within Samuel’s music albums. This musical repertoire is so varied thanks to the interaction with the different inmates within the different jail inside Spain. Reason why their musical albums have a great variety of music thanks to his friends inside the jail.


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