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Saturday night and Shooting at the concert of Finese2Tymes

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On Saturday night, a massive shooting attack was reported at the concert of the rap artist Finese2Tymes. This incident has left several people seriously injured. Including a minor and a person who is currently in the hospital.

The shooting occurred specifically at Little Power’s Power Ultra Lounge. During the concert of rapper Finese2Tymes. There was an “exchange of shots” according to security forces. “Apparently it is a dispute during a concert” said the police, who at first had referred to 17 victims after the shooting.

Some hours later, the institution reported on Twitter that the number of injured rose to 28. Including three people who were not injured by the shots.

Context of the shooting of Finese2Tymes’ concert

It is estimated that one of the antecedents of the shooting inside the complex where the concert was celebrated were for personal reasons and fights of gangs. These gangs compete for territories. Often have major clashes with police and other gangs. These gang fights often have innocent victims during crossfire.

The concert was held quietly and what fits in a rap / hip hop concert environment, it quickly became a hellish chaos. All thanks to the bullets of the guns and the fights. The fights between the gangs took place inside of the complex and with the victims inside the crossfire.

Even though there are few bullet wounded, there are huge numbers of victims due to various factors such as blows, broken glass, kicking, etc. The rapper who was giving the concert, has not issued a public opinion regarding her except the regrettable numbers of victims that were inside the crossfire and a place where a concert rap quietly and without many problems.

Getting inside through a rear entrance carrying weapons into the complex where the concert was normally held. According to police sources, this may have been to fix “enemy gang issues” or “settlement of accounts.” In any case the security body of the complex did not act in an efficient way in letting armed people enter a concert.

What happened next?

This type of situation has provoked a wave of complaints inside the complex of parents and representatives of the community to do justice and put the shooters inside the jail. These shooters are currently free on the streets. People are estimating that it could happen again and cause turmoil. This inside the territory where was the concert if the police do not get to capture them quickly.

In conclusion we can say that it is unfortunate that these events can happen in a concert. People just paid their tickets to enjoy their favorite artist in peace with the rhythm of music. The shootings like these usually bring more problems than benefits for the community. It put in plenary not only the attackers but also to all the people that are around. People that have nothing to do with the problems of the enemy gangs.

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