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South Sudan, Rap and War

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Hip Hop has become a tool for the artistic expression of everyday problems. Such as violence, drug dealing and addictions. It is a musical branch that although it has very little time since its born in comparison with other branches of music. It is one of the most popular genre inside the youthful population of each country.

So much is the influence of this musical style that has extended to borders outside the USA. It has reached countries like Europe, South America and also Africa. In the latter, Hip Hop has been used as an effective anti-war tool for one of the busiest countries in the African region. South Sudan.

Rap vs Reality

In Southern Sudan, nothing is easy for the thousands of young people living inside the country. With a devastated economy, with scarce job opportunities, with food heavily rationed due to a long civil war that has devastated the country for more than 2 years, young people in Southern Sudan often resort to crime to eat and survive.

It is in these hard times which the rays of hope are connected with the musical and artistic culture. Thus that the government of South Sudan has implemented education programs based on the correct culture. Also correct civil regulations and a correct standard for coexistence. One of the musical branches is rap music.

Rap music, along with poetry and graffiti, have served as an escape valve for the frustrations of young people. It is rap music, the art of graffiti and poetry where many young people have been able to find mental and emotional refuge. So that the thousands of problems surrounding the country of South Sudan come to the background.

Unlike other initiatives, it is 100% local and is made up of young people and directed to ordinary citizens from different point of views.  The latter, urges them to think critically and to assume their individual responsibility in the resolution of the conflict. From being considered passive victims to active citizens.

South Sudan war

Art is the medium in which it is possible to express negative emotions and let them come to light. But at the same time it should be a valuable source of information. So that people from other parts of the world can see what is actually happening in the different localities of South Sudan.

Rap music, for example, takes into account all the realities of South Sudan from all the points of view of its entire people. It is in rap and hip hop where many people can see, hear and feel the rhythm of music. With the problems of people living in this place.

The youngsters have found musical inspiration in songs by Dr Dre, Nash, Eminem, 50 Cent and many others. That is why music must be a source of inspiration and surpassing for many of the young Sudanese who have lived in hardship for many years.

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