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Starboy the new video of The Weeknd

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Abel Tesfaye better known as The Weeknd is back this September, he released the first single from his new material titled Starboy, the singer of Canadian origins returns to the musical billboard one year and a half after the release of his album that would give him the award as a promise artist in 2015 for his theme “Beauty Behind the Madness” which brought him 5 VMAs, 8 Billboard Awards, 2 Grammys and 2 Record Guiness.

The Weeknd

With a new haircut, but without losing his voice and style feature, with the collaboration of the French duet Daft Punk, brings his new musical and audiovisual work.

In the video we can see the old The Weeknd tied up and being suffocated by the new The Weeknd, the video takes place in a gloomy and dark stage, and is the way in which the singer is giving a statement in this new project of his career, in a house in the middle of numerous awards achieved a cross of red neon wields that hammer and proceeds to destroy everything in its path, it starts to burn a closet and is stopped by a cat which is an allegory of a bad omen, he goes to a garage and climbs along a cat in a McLaren P1 and start driving up a hill and the cat in the car transforms into a panther all this comes amid flashes of neon cross and prizes destroyed.

The Weeknd

A crazy but really original idea of the artist.

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