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The 5 Best hip hop songs of all time

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The Hip hop is a cultural and an art movement that originally is composed of four elements:

1) The rap referring to sing or recite rhyming.

2) Turntablism or DJing refers to auditory and musical.

3) Breaking refers to dance.

4) Graffiti makes reference to the visual (painting), this movement aims at self-expression of artists.

Based on this, we bring you the 5 best hip hop songs of all time.

1- King Kunta

Written by Kendrick Lamar, it became very popular in the mid-2015 where the rapper met with Obama to express his idea and give some alternatives about what to do with the slums of the United States. The product of this song, well, it became an anthem to many hip hop lovers and a classic of the genre. A classic composed in collaboration with Kanye West.

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2- Hollywood Niggaz

An original theme from Tyga, one of the classic of the genre of hip hop, due that the content of the lyrics of the song are a free expression protest and can touch any subject. Like many artists, Tyga speaks of Fame obtained so far, how, when and how much it has cost to get where he is today.

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3- Move That Dope

Future and other artists like Pharrell, Pusha T and Casino. Many artists representing the hip hop genre emerged from the slums of US so it is interesting to pass those stories to a song and that is the essence of hip hop. Future talks about his personal experience in this song.

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4-I Don’t Fuck With You

 Big Sean with E-40 produced this song. As the hip hop as topic, is accepted that the elements of love, heartbreak, jealousy, etc., are being use for a song.

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5- Fuck Tha Police

From N.W.A., one of the legends of hip hop.  A classic hip hop song that reflects the abuse of authorities towards people of color, the main theme is racism.

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