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The best kept secret from Rihanna!

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The best kept secret from Rihanna!

It is not a secret, how celebrities have to be extremely discrete, about the things they do, like meetings, parties, celebrations, and even, a simple walk to the park, or the street, due to the fact that these famous people have to deal with the interest they produce to magazines, television, and media, regarding to their personal, and daily life, when photos, and videos of them can be paid at a high price, b only showing a celebrity buying something, or driving a car.

That is why, Rihanna, the hip hop, rap, and R&B singer born in Barbados has decided to keep a secret for a long time, because of the effects indiscretion, and false gossip in magazines can produce to her personal life, when she, and her circle of people, as family and friends can be affected by rumors, misunderstandings, or other issues celebrities have to deal with, in relation to their careers, and the inappropriate mix of personal, and public life.

A hidden relationship

The best kept secret from Rihanna

Therefore, in direct relation to the things said before, it is surprising how Rihanna could keep her secret for a long time, being almost shocking to the fans when they found out. So, the secret is no other than this singer is the girlfriend of Drake, the most successful rapper of the year, breaking record on selling albums, and songs listened in streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

According to People magazine, Rihanna and Drake have been together from months now, seeing each other in secret, for almost a year, regarding to the actual publication, which is considered certain to another magazine like Hollywood Life, describing how the couple has been together for several months.

In fact, Drake and Rihanna have shown their chemistry on stage before, being the last one in a concert of the signer originally from Barbados, in Los Angeles, California. But, the certainty of the rumor of them being together was not confirmed until a few days ago, with the publication of People, and other magazines.

In the same way, this show how celebrities can protect, and to separate their personal life, from the public eye, in order to avoid problems, and events related to violation of privacy, and other matter, being the perfect example what Rihanna and Drake did, considering the best thing for their relationship, and its appropriate development in the future, which for now, it seems on the right path for both, in relation to their careers, personal, and public lives.

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