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The case of Birdman

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The famous rappers and producers of Hip-Hop, Bryan Williams, better known as Birdman, found himself with a lot of legal and financial problems with his ex-partner Lil Wayne, with who isn’t the first time that happens to have problems inside his discographic Company Cash Money


The judge that drives the Birdman and Lil Wayne case gave a term of 30 days for Birdman to show some papers of the financial registers that Wayne Requires, where the paper shows a strong amount of money that founds disappeared nowhere. The judge’s order, was to investigate the exact way of how got banished the $70 million that Universal Sent on advancement to Cash Money through Young Money,  money that the rapper Lil Wayne demands to his ex-partner Birdman.

The judge that manages this case received documentation by the part of Birdman where it presumes where the amount of money went, and disappeared. But the documentation that the rapper gave was incomplete, there were missing some details that should have be in the papers, the judge keeps on with the term given to Birdman to deliver all the documentation as it should be.

Wayne’s lawyers have been checking more than 20,000 pages of documentation that the Birdman’s lawyers show them, which the Wayne’s lawyers said that is useless data and demand documents that reflects traces of the money disappeared. The Birdman’s lawyers only mention that that is what they have and what it is, which the judge takes as an excuse to cover up the whereabouts of the money.


Actually, it has not been delivered documents of accountability where it says the whereabouts of the millionaire amount banished that Lil Wayne demands from Birdman to settle up.


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