» » The last album of Kanye West is a complete success

The last album of Kanye West is a complete success

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The rapper is enjoying the success of his seventh album, The life of Pablo, is one the greatest album of the year 2016. Kanye West is not only breaking schemes with his music, but also with his clothing line.

Kanye West

It is the seventh album released after 3 years of preparation, 3 years paid off the hard work and effort invested, all that was not in vain, even West has said, that it has been his best album of all previous and of all times. In order to acquire this album is through the famous Tidal music platform. It will have in exclusive the album.

Kanye West

One of the main features of this album is that it has no physical form, it’s only digital; the producer in charge of the album is the label Good Music. The album has 18 songs and they have special features and collaboration with many prestigious artists like Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar among others.

In honor of his children in the album credits, the names of his young children appear.

The name of the album The life of Pablo comes from the great philosopher Pablo Perez who is a great inspiration to West.



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