» » The rapper Kevin Gates gets excited in the Mecca

The rapper Kevin Gates gets excited in the Mecca

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The rapper, entrepreneur and producer Kevin Gates has submitted remarkable changes in his personality and behavior from him and his wife since them becomes a devotee of Islam in 2016. Recently, Gates endow the pilgrimage in Mecca, during his visit in Saudi Arabia to worship the Kaaba.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates, made a trip to the United States to Saudi Arabia for reasons to reach he Mecca, and idolize the monument of Islam, the Kaaba, in which trip, the rapper felt totally happy with his visit to a major monument to his devout religion. The eccentric rapper, didn’t think twice to express his interests without any penalty, he uploaded a video on Instagram, in which he describes a military guarding the Kaaba with complete kindness and invite Kevin Gates and his wife to approach the stone for the kiss, a tradition amount the Islam.

In the video it can be seen the rapper and his wife sit to idolize the Islamic monument while in their faces look shock in the way that it seems some tears that were stirring. Also he published another video expressing how was his experience in Saudi Arabia, where he speaks and has difficulty to talk.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates has proven to be in a good religiously atmosphere from his devotion to Islam, is also in a good financial position thanks to the music. Islah his new album, whose album is currently revealed that is certified in platinum disk.


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