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The secret vault of Prince is revealed

Parc_336 29 de September del 2016 celebrities

After the famous singer Prince death, a review at his residence, where there was a curious finding in the place where he lived. They found a secret vault, in which the famous singer had sheltered a lot of songs that he mastered and produced.


Considered as the treasure chest of Prince, where it has a sufficient amount of unreleased songs, none of which has been heard before, provident of the most prolific period of Prince. Is said that Prince produce about 200 songs.

For some, the secret vault of Prince is not a big news, sometimes, the same singer spoke about it, noting that harbored a large number of songs, so well that neither knew how could he published it. It was impressive, that the vault was a unique construction to safeguard his productions.

It’s considered that there is so much material that is estimated that could be release music albums for a decade for each month, an extensive musical material left by Prince.


The singer did not leave any inheritance; so far, his agents are reaching some agreements to divide his actions and possessions among his brothers. The fans expect to know who gets all the musical material or rather the treasure of Prince, and that person who will decide whether to be published or remain guarded as a treasure, as Prince kept.


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