» » The Study of Prince the “Paisley Park” will open on October 6

The Study of Prince the “Paisley Park” will open on October 6

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The fans of the Artist can have a tour around the 12 rooms and the recording studio.

The “Paisley Park” studio is located in his native Minnesota and has been turned into a museum that will be open to the public from October 6, the day that will be its official opening.


Months have past since the unfortunate death of the artist and this fact still gives to talk about, especially given that the causes of his death are not yet been clarified.

But despite this, fans around the world can visit the famous study of Prince, where is organized chronologically Prince’s career, showing his instruments, costumes and various articles of the artist. Prince had given detailed instructions on how he wanted to turn his studio into a museum where fans could walk through the halls and facilities. For obvious reasons, not all studio rooms are open to the public, as the room of Prince or the vault where he saved a lot of unreleased music, his manager L. Londell McMillan has told to the fans to expect music from this vault in 2017.

There are intentions to convert the rehearsal rooms and studios in scenarios where they can perform different types of musical events, although nothing is yet confirmed.


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