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The truth about Prince Death is finally known

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Prince died on April 21st, his body was found at his home which is located in a property better known as Paisley Park. According to the evidence of the autopsy, it shows an overdose of opioids, so it said an official to the Associated Press Agency.


As a curious fact, the nearest official to the investigation asked to be anonymous, because he wasn’t allowed to tell this information and much less to the press. According to the findings recollected until now, it only confirmed even more the suspect of overdose, as a habit, authorities reviewed his record searching for a prescription or if Prince was visiting a doctor that prescribed this kind of medicines.

Another curious fact is that Prince died in the same week that his plane had a crash landing in Moline, Illinois, after that he was treated by the medics which were caring him when he was coming back from his concerts this time in Atlanta.

As an important finding, identities of two doctors were found in the investigation of his cause of death and in which was involved the Carver county sheriff office, the anti-drug agency and Minnesota tax office.


Dr. Schulenberg saw the artist on April 7th and 20th, a day before the artist death, as his lawyer recommended he didn’t talk about it. Dr. Kornfeld, hired by Prince Manager, also treated him on April 20th; he belongs to one of those who saw Prince unconscious the next day in the morning.


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