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Threatening Drake in the number one spot

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Threatening Drake in the number one spot 3

The upon a time curly kiddy prince charming for teenagers in the 90’s band N’sinc continues to move hearts across America performing, acting and doing everything in his best, there has not being a single thing with Justin’s seal of approval of success since his career took off, his latest single can’t stop the feeling has been in the air for a week, and has blasted out incredibly, throughout all the charts placing a serious threat to Drake.

Drake’s single On Dance has had the road going up, and seemed quite likely to reach the top of the billboard hot 100 between the next two days! But the speed that is taking the new Justin Timberlake can’t stop this feeling according to the people who know into the matter, is going to be reaching the top, in just a matter of a week.

So it seems Drake is not going to enjoy the top for too long, the new single of the DreamWorks Trolls is pushing its way with its groovy, chill sound, and there is nothing to do about, than just dancing to it, Drake said a couple of months that the only thing that he wanted was to have a number one song in the charts who will he react to his is simply a mysterious way.

A lot of artists of artists have undergone the same feeling before, making it to the tops is not easy, and nobody said it would be lastly, only a few stars have made it to the top, and have stayed there for a long time, Justin Timberlake Knows this, he has made to the top a couple of times already, and he has been really close to the top as well.

Threatening Drake in the number one spot

Now Drake this is a time to be pushy with his material, when the material is hot, there is only one thing to do about it, continue to produce, you already know that the market is ready for you, all you have to do is deliver some more, so everybody can enjoy more of you, and make it bigger now, so everyone can have it, and this time probably reach to the top, again for a longer time. Not falling into the pressure.

So Drake do not feel bad learn something out of Justin just come back with more material for the people to enjoy and reach the summit once more.

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