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Tommy Hilfiger: His Hip Hop story

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Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is a fashion designer from New York, creator of the iconic Tommy Hilfiger sportswear brand during 1985. This company had its place in the Hip-Hop history. If we look at the old school we could remember several rappers who in their lyrics mentioned the brand. Also appearing in their music videos and shows wearing Tommy’s garments.

Tommy Hilfiger

The beginning of the brand

The beginnings of the label started back to the 80s, where Polo Ralph Lauren was what all the rappers wanted to have. Little by little Tommy took over the scene with the help of some of the rhymers of the moment. Hilfiger, along with his brother Andy worked in the brand.

Raekwon, was already in the rap game at the time that Tommy’s clothes. He claimed that Polo was gradually lowering the level compared to the new brand. Therefore, fellas in the ghetto were more and more who chose his garment. Wu-Tang Clan said that his clothes fitted perfectly. Then they started to include the brand in the lyrics.

Tommy Hilfiger and lyrics

A few years later, to be exact in 1992, when Mary J. Blige released her hit record “What’s the 411?”, it can listen to rapper Grand Puba featuring with the namesake of the album, that talks about Tommy’s clothes in one of his rhymes. These verses were not something that was left in the air, but it helped to make the brand grow in the ghetto, since Puba was one of the coolest guys during that time, so many people, as soon as they heard, they plunged to get their own clothes of the brand.

On the other hand, the designer’s brother, lived in Harlem, and he met with a group of dudes who enthusiastically told him “you must listen to the name of your brother in this song“, astonished by the event, Andy Hilfiger Called his brother to share the news, so they proposed to join the rapper to meet each other.

Finally, in that meeting, the businessmen after giving thanks, offered about $ 20,000 in clothing to Puba, who was very happy for that alliance. We must be aware that this type of sponsors did not exist at that time, it was unusual to give clothes to Rappers, but Tommy changed the game since he always had the doors open.

Other rappers who love Tommy Hilfiger clothing

Puba had popularized the brand on the streets. The more explosive moment came in 1994 and it all started at the Grammys when Andy spotted Snoop and quickly told Tommy. So they immediately set a meeting with the singer. They commented him about the brand to what Snoop told them he had heard of them.

They exchange numbers and shook hands. Andy thought that Snoop Dog would never call them. But the next day after got home from work I had a Snoop message on the answering machine saying “A-YO, Andy I’m Snoop Dogg, call me later!” Snoop Doggy Dogg called out that he needed more clothes because he was going to be on Saturday Night Live, so Andy Hilfiger in turn brought him some new Rugby jersey models.

The next night Tommy called his brother to tell him to turn on the TV. He told that those guys they had met were wearing their clothes. On Monday when arriving at the office the staff of the whole country called asking what special thing had those shirts that many asked for. It was because everybody saw Snoop wearing Tommy, and the next following day, the stock was totally sold out.

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