» » Too bad! Kesha is forbidden to perform on Billboard Awards

Too bad! Kesha is forbidden to perform on Billboard Awards

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Too bad! Kesha is forbidden to perform on Billboard Awards

Singers of Hip Hop, rappers and other artists related to this specific genre have always faced prohibitions, or censure, because a number of reasons, starting from the explicit lyrics of the songs, related to violence, drugs, women as a sexual object, swearing, and the behavior rappers show in general, when most of them have been in prison, or had troubles with justice in the past, expressing that in the music. However, the topic of today is related to another type of censuring, when an artist is not allowed to make a performance in a ceremony, for confusing reasons.

In this case, it was the turn of Kesha, a female Hip Hop artist born in Los Angeles in 1987. Her participation in the performance acts of the next ceremony of the Billboards Awards, yet to be celebrated on May 22th, has been canceled after the supposed appearing of plans from the singer, to include “direct allusion” to the current legal battle she has, against her producer Dr. Luke, who she is accusing from molest and abuse her in a psychological way, in the past. Therefore, the record label of Dr. Luke has decided to remove her permission to perform.

How everything happened

Too bad! Kesha is forbidden to perform on Billboard Award

It appears that in first instance, Kesha accepted the invitation to participate in the ceremony, and she got the permission to do it, under the label of Dr. Luke, which is Kemosabe Record. Nevertheless, the label removed her approval, after a new transmitted on different media, where it was said Kesha had some special plan, during her performance.

Unfortunately, Kesha and Kemosabe have not reach an agreement, about the final performance of the signer during the show, only remaining a few days until the ceremony takes place on Sunday 22.

Nonetheless, the female singer claims to be in shock because of the result, and she said she was had never the intention to sabotage her own presentation, and her legal problems with Dr. Luke are beside her life as an artist. Also, Kesha has announce upset about the performance situation, claiming “I did not have intention to use any photography, or to speak about him of my legal situation, the only thing I want to do was to make a tribute, to an artist I have always admired, thank you all for the support. She expressed in her Instagram profile.

So, it can be seen, not even matter if Kesha wanted to do that, or not, the different media and social network can spread rumors, affecting the development of shows of the size of the Billboard Awards.

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