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Top 7 Most Popular Songs in the US 2016

Emily 26 de January del 2017 celebrities
Now that the first month of 2017 is ending, we decided to rank the 2016 tracks that you definitely had to listen to on any radio station in the US. So, here is our top 7 of the most popular songs in America in 2016:

Top 7 most popular songs from 2016

Hello: This beautiful Adele song was released at the end of 2015 and it continued to be at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 most popular songs at the beginning of 2016. Even “Someone like you” and “Rolling in the deep” did not gave her the recognition that she deserves in America. “Hello” did it, and it was her first number one song on this chart due to her digital copies sold that were only surpassed by Elton John.Top 10 of the most popular American songs in 2016

Sorry: We can find this trendy single on Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose”, which was the second one to be released. It was among the first ones on the Billboard Hot 100 just after it came out in 2015 and it continued until the beginning of 2016.

Pillowtalk: Zayn is a well-known British singer who was a member of the famous group “One Direction”. After being part of them during five years, he decided to launch his first album as a solo artist called “Mind of mine”. So this lead single was a guarantee of success from the very beginning. It was on the peak position on the charts of countries worldwide and in the US reached the Mainstream Top 40, the Billboard Hot 100, and Dance/Mix Show Airplay, among other charts. And if that’s not enough, the great super model Gigi Hadid makes an appearance in the pillow talk music video.

Work: Rhianna, as always, knows how to play good music. In this song, she is featuring Drake, another important hip-hop & R&B artist, but this song belongs to the genre of reggae-pop and dance-hall. It is the first dance-hall song being recognized  by the Billboard Hot 100 after Sean Paul put his track “Temperature” on the top in 2006. The secret ingredient of success of this song is patois, which is a language spoken in the Caribbean islands, especially in Jamaica.

Panda: It is a trap song by Desiigner, who is an American rapper, sponsored by Kanye West. Panda was among the top list on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching the first position on week nine when “Work” of Rhianna knocked it down. It is interesting to know that Desiigner is a young boy who is just starting his career. And in addition to his lead single, Panda was already nominated for the best hip-hop video of the MTV Video Music Awards 2016 .

Can’t stop the feeling: Justin Timberlake is one of the oldest solo pop singers whose hits are still on audio-demand, and “Can’t stop the feeling” is one of them. This song is from the soundtrack of the film “Trolls”. Because it’s a comedy, the song is vibrant and contagious with funk inspirations. Ariana Grande also helped to develop this hilarious soundtrack that was on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2016.


Cheap Thrills: This high-spirited song was created by none other than the goddess record producer Sia. And if this wasn’t enough, it features the King of Reggae, Sean Paul, so they were always on the most popular songs charts in the US since its release.


These were our lovely most popular songs of last year. Are you feeling nostalgic yet? Or is it just me?




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