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Is Tupac alive?

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During the 20th anniversary of Tupac death, a photo became viral, with which it is speculated that the former Death Row Records rapper is still alive, see how this conclusion is reached. There are still many people who are still searching for evidence. Is Tupac alive? During these 20 years we have heard hundreds of hypotheses that point out that for one reason, he did not die.

is tupac alive

The most recent one is a selfie where you see a guy with the same facial features of the rapper, with a red scarf on his head and a Carhartt jacket. The main leading source noted that this photo was taken in 2015 with a 2011 cellphone, although it is not known how they got that kind of information. In addition to that, it can be recognized that is a 2014 jacket. That is the reason why the picture does not have more than 3 years.

Suge Knight

Suge Knight, founder and CEO of Death Row Records, states that 2Pac is still alive, “on some deserted island smoking a cigar.”

Let the conspiracies begin, if it ever ceased to be about 2Pac’s death: Suge Knight, who besides being the head of 2Pac’s record company, was with him in the car when he was shot dead, says he is still alive. Knight also had a few unloving words to Puff Daddy, who has been associated many times with the murder of 2Pac, calling him “whore”, and hinting that he was related to 2Pac’s murder. You must keep waiting, and it seems like a lot, for the two biggest Hip Hop moguls to be reconciled.

However, former Los Angeles Police Detective Russell Poole claims to have evidence that Suge Knight himself ordered the rapper star’s murder of his label, after announcing that he wanted to leave Death Row.

Is it Tupac alive? Fake news

In 2011, a fake article appeared on the PBS NewsHour website that said Tupac was alive in New Zealand. The article was removed the next morning it appeared on internet. In recent years, information related to Tupac has been put on the table, which links it with the Illuminati group, the thing is that there are many theories about Tupac’s faith of life. Let’s review some of the evidences.

The car

Why doesn’t the BMW in which Tupac and Suge Knight were shot that night match the one in the police video? And why the photo says September 8, when the shooting occurred on day 7? Why are not the BMW keys locked behind the wheel? From the 14 shots that killed him, why none of them wounded Suge Knight?

Number 7

Tupac was fond of numerology (he had a fixation with number 7 and his death occurred a day 7, for example), and he was follower of Machiavelli’s work.

What do you think? Does all this make sense? What is certain is that the death of Tupac Shakur has raised as much speculation as Paul McCartney himself, and while theories that arise daily are or are not true, the legacy of this rapper is strengthened every day.

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