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Ty Dolla in taxes problems

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Nothing can be completely true, except for death and taxes, that is something that Benjamin Franklin said once. It doesn’t matter who or which kind of person you are, as everyone you have to pay taxes.

Celebrities seem to have troubles paying taxes, as we see on Nene Lakes’ case, also now as Ty Dolla Sign aka Uncle Sam.

Ty Dolla

The Rapper Ty Dolla Sign is one of the most successful and upward artists in the hip-hop on the last years. At the age of 31 he has done a lot of projects and participated in some tracks from other rappers. He has come to be showed as one of the members of the XXL 2014 Freshman Class.

It’s possible that due to all of the work he has done to the day, he has to pay now an elevated amount of money on taxes. Ty Dolla got distracted and forgot to pay his taxes, as he was fined in October and has to pay $180.000.

According to the records, he has a debt of late taxes starting in 2011 ($16,617.05), 2013 ($54,626.91), and 2014 ($109,725.39). The numbers have increased because his music got more famous. And of course he has been winning much more money since then.

Some facts about Ty Dolla:

  • His real name is Tyrone William Griffin, Jr.
  • In 2010 he started winning fame with “Toot it and boot it” a song he made with YG.
  • Since 2011, he has been winning more money year after year. One of his taxes problems.
  • He as other artists have been kicked with taxes, and the list is still increasing.

Ty Dolla

With all the musical work and tours that Ty Dolla has done last years, it won’t be hard for him to get out of these troubles. Specially being compared to other artists who are in this Tax debt list.


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