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Usher is going to be Sugar in the movie Hands of Stone

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The R&B/ Hip Hop American artist, Usher, will play the part of Ray Charles Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming movie, Hands of stones.

According to ESPN Magazine, The R&B Artist is going to play an important part in the biographical movie of the boxer Roberto Duran, call Hands of Stones. He will play the legend of Boxing, Sugar Ray Leonard. As you can see in the picture below he has been training hard for this movie, taking the training really seriously.


Even if Usher doesn’t look at all as Sugar Ray, even with makeup, he has been working his ass off to get in the best shape for the movie, also taking acting classes. He will share screen with Robert DeNiro, Ruben Blades and the Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, who is playing the main role of Roberto Duran.

DeNiro who has already play movies has a boxer; now it’s the turn to play as a trainer and a promoter, the famous Ray Arcel. The most recognizable movie of DeNiro as a boxer definitely is Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese, an emblematic movie where he play Jake La Motta, a problematic and self-destructive boxer from The Bronx.

Is known that in the real life DeNiro is a huge box fan. He even gives an award to Floyd Mayweather Jr in the event of Guys Choice Awards. In the movie he is going to play Roberto Duran’s manager, Ray Arcel. They have high expectations to this movie, but in the case of Usher even if he is beasted, the lack of acting skills and performance of Usher in the big screen has been subject of many critics, many people says that the producer can give the role to somebody else. Their principal argument is that one thing is being physically prepare for a role another is to be prepare as an actor.


The budget of this movie is high; a lot of money in casting, screenplay, production but this little fail can make a great movie a total disaster in the box office.

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