» » We bet Justing Bieber is not happy with Drake

We bet Justing Bieber is not happy with Drake

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We bet Justing Bieber is not happy with Drake 2

Sometimes is easy to understand why some artists do not like other artists, is simply because all is about mass media, and sometimes one person wants to have all the audience to himself, but the problems with this is that is impossible people who like music will listen to music everywhere, while this is only an assumption there is no denying that the fact that drakes has overthrown justin bieber on Spotify reproductions probably the artist did not took it well.

Drake is moving forward day by day the artist has gained himself a reputation and has a music that precedes the reputation, he makes everyone want to listen to him, this was proven when the 3.2 bilion streams took place. The spiked situation has made a lot of people wonder two things right away.

Is Justin Bieber going to take this in the right way, knowing that he is no more the king of the jungle where all the publicity came to him, but having so many things into it, and secondly what is going to happen to Drake, will he be able to handle being the king of the jungle for the moment?

A lot of artists crack under the pressure while we like t consume everything they make they are only humans, and have a tendency to show it, some do it in a good way, and call the lights off for a moment, some other do not apparently break, and stay with the pressure during all of their career and simply start fainting out, and some… well simply crack horribly and we get to watch it on the news.

The deal is simple now drake is at the top of his game, and he should try to take advantage of it, when a product is hot, you have to make a move, you have to try to produce more hits, to keep on selling, and airing which is now the deal, programs know this and record labels too.

As obvious none of the two artists have said anything about the issue per se but is simply to admit that both have to be frowning their eyes brows in a quiet storm of calmness to us the audience, for now all we can say is; Congratulations Drake! You made it to the top! But what lies ahead now?

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