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Khalifa settled lawsuits with Ex Manager Benjy Grinberg

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The rapper Wiz Khalifa and his ex former manager,Benjy Grinberg, settled lawsuits against each other. The rapper sued Grinberg and also sued the company Rostrum Records in 2016. He tried to get rid of the agreement 360 with them.

On the other hand, the ex manager and Rostrum Records company fought back against the rapper for unpaid fees of their actual deal. And without any further details, they were prepared to start and fix their problems. On a legal battle in the court.

Wiz Khalifa

Fortunately, everyone of them agreed and the legal war ended in peace. They reached an agreement of including the dismissal of the lawsuits that they started previously. Leaving the troubles, they moved forward and they continue to normal life. Fact revealed in a statement of Billboard.

More details of Wiz Khalifa and his representation

Khalifa mentioned his ex manager forced him to sign the 360 agreement. He said his ex manager pressured him to sign a 360 deal with the company Rostrum Records. He mentioned this during court on his legal presentation. Also, the rapper added that his ex manager only cared about his own interests and benefits but not for Khalifa.

The attorney of the rapper, Alex Weingarten, claimed that “an artist usually considers the manager as the most trusted person doing the best for his/her career”. Unfortunately this was not the case between his client and his ex manager.

Later, Benjy Grinberg mentioned he felt disappointed about the situation before launching one of his own lawsuits. Grinberg and Rostrum Records believed that they complied properly with what the rapper was entitled to and that the accusation was false.

However, both situations legally concluded. Leaving the fight and the lawsuits behind them deciding to continue with the business and the normal life putting everything away.

What happened next?

In May of 2016, Khalifa filed a lawsuit of one million dollar against his manager and the company for the deal signed in 2005, when he was a teenager. Then the company and Grinberg did their own lawsuit alleging that Khalifa should paid one million dollars for touring and merchandising.

Grinberg controvert in complete opposition the accusations of the singer. The company and himself definitely would not accept such indications.

According to the statement issued by Billboard all disputes between the parties finally resolved outside the court. Rejecting the claims, they decided that it was the best to set aside legal problems and continue each one in their occupations and businesses.

How it ended?

Finally, there were no more accusations and any other details about the agreement. What is actually certain is that the claims are in the past for good of all.

The singer will continue to work in the music world. Providing all the fans he make good music, concerts and performances that have made him an internationally famous artist.

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