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Wyclef Jean Arrested

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Los Angeles Police Department agents (LAPD) have allegedly committed a misidentification this weekend that has led them to arrest Wyclef Jean. A New Yorker with Haitian origin. Believing he was a robber. The information has been made known by the singer himself. Through a series of messages on Twitter where you can see his indignation.

Wyclef Jean

The messages

Wyclef wrote on his Twitter account that a man with a red handkerchief robbed a gas stations, and he was on the studio, but he soon was handcuffed. Wyclef Jean explained that the mistake signed him as a robber, but also as a member of a street gang, that if you take into consideration the red bandages, they are linked with Bloods in Los Angeles.

The rapper also wrote that the police asked him to put his hands up. Then, he was told not to move. Wyclef soon was handcuffed before even asked him to identify himself.

He concluded that nobody wanted to see his/her children handcuffed, especially if they are not guilty. He finally said that he was completely in shock for LAPD’s behavior.

Other incidents with the justice

Yele Haiti. The organization, created in 2004 by the rapper Jean to help his compatriots. Gave scholarships, subsidized schools and meals. Ceased to exist in 2013 with a bundle of debts. Something worse: it was investigated for embezzlement of the funds raised during all those years. The New York Attorney General declined to comment on where the case is.

US researchers suspect that Yéle Haiti spent a good amount of the $13 million it received as donations in two years. The singer has proclaimed his innocence and boasts of transparency. The NGO did provide some aid in the devastated Haiti.

It gave temporary jobs to young people, distributed food and water to the survivors. Many of the large budgeted projects and to which money was spent never became anything tangible that would improve anyone’s life.

Positive news about Wyclef.

Wyclef Jean, who was born in Haiti, but he left the island a very young age, decided to run for the presidency of his country. The electoral authorities in 2010 by the electoral authorities by not meeting the basic requirements, was decorated by the then president Michel Martelly, for his dedication to the welfare of the nation.

Martelly, a former singer of the local rhythm ‘compa’, imposed on Jean, who supported him in the elections. The “National Order Honor and Merit” in the degree of “Great Officer.”

Martelly recalled Wyclef Jean’s presence in several international events. In favor of the depressed Caribbean country, which still has not recovered from the catastrophe caused by the January 2010 earthquake. This event left more than 300,000 dead and 1.5 million people homeless.

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