» » With Young M.A. In New York, the lesbian rapper everyone talks about

With Young M.A. In New York, the lesbian rapper everyone talks about

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We meet rapper Young M.A. By chance in a room in New York. SOB’S nightclub in southern Manhattan offered free admission in exchange for donating food to people in need. It was a non-profit initiative for Christmas. We pass and discover a different rapper, who tries to succeed with his talent and is turning stereotypes.

With Young M.A. In New York, the lesbian rapper everyone talks about

Young M.A. Is a 24 year old Brooklyn girl. She is of Caribbean descent and wears clothing considered in current American society as masculine. In his lyrics talks about money and in the videos more than once has come out a pistol. An example is the video clip of “Ooouuu”, with which he jumped to fame. It could be the description of any other rapper in his neighborhood. The difference is that she is a woman and is a lesbian.

At the entrance of SOB’S there were about twenty people with bags in their hands. Some had heard the initiative on the radio and brought food from home. Others had bought it in nearby establishments. We went to the grocery store on the corner to get us something. We had been told that any packaged product could be donated.

We meet rapper Young M.A.

“Are you going to the concert over there?” The clerk asked us, probably of Pakistani origin and about 50 or 60 years old.
“Yes,” we reply.
“I only have Pringles potatoes, but they’re worth it.” It was going to close a few hours ago, but it has started to arrive people and I decided to stay open because right now I am the only one in the area. Do you know that I sold all the noodles I had?

We bought two boats of chips and we acceded to the discotheque with our original donation. There we found a festive atmosphere with a hip hop soundtrack. Until Young M.A. To the stage, wrapped by a dozen people.

He wore a black T-shirt, a wool cap of the same color, and trousers. Afro hair was pulled back in a ponytail. And he began firing his music and literally repeating the gesture of wielding a pistol with his hands.

He began to combine his songs with freestyles. To sing verses and improvise rhymes. To involve the public. “Yes, they hate, but they’re ruined,” he let go of the microphone and caused the whole room to repeat the words of his song “Ooouuu” in unison. “If you disrespect Lyfe, that’s a no no,” he continued, referring to his crew.

Her colleagues supported her onstage. They sang their verses and waved their hands in the air. Some moved their mobiles aside to capture the moment. Others enjoyed the night with the music and impregnated the scene of the smoke of the marijuana.
“I do it for my colleagues, that’s the brothers code,” he sang on the same subject. And he continued to recognize who he is, without problems. Some rap songs include verses about sex. Yours too. “I need a rich aunt,” he says in one of the rhymes. And for those who are surprised of it, it has a message. “My brother said to me: Let them give: go for the money,” recite. And so it has done. The song in September had 7 million reproductions in Spotify and has obtained more of a remix, among them, of French Montana.

Hip hop media in the United States asserts that Young M.A. Is one of the rappers who could succeed in 2017. She is doing her job. “Ooouuu” does not stop ringing in the radios of the country and its releases continue arriving. He has just released a new video clip, “Get This Money,” from his mixtape Sleep Walkin. To date it has four mixtapes and the expectations in it for this year are many.

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