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hip hop only for nerds

Hip Hop only for “nerds”

pagoskawaii 12/07/2017 celebrities

Hip hop is a musical style that has thousands of followers, and hundreds of performers around the world. And, apparently, some of them are also techies. That is why some musicians decided to give a twist to the genre, and

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nike air force 1
eazy e

Eazy E. The Forgotten Rapper

pagoskawaii 10/07/2017 celebrities
3 curiosities about Young Thug
a tribe called quest
Fuck tha police

‘Fuck Tha Police’, the first song that “fucked up” the police

pagoskawaii 5/07/2017 celebrities

The controversial song that faced for the first time the forces of order with the American black population. Fuck Tha Police is what the people of Compton wanted to hear, tired of men in uniform canceling their rights. NWA NWA

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