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the new european rap talent hates his name

The new European rap talent hates his name

pagoskawaii 4/07/2017 celebrities

Baloji was taken out of Congo when n he was three years old to raise in Belgium. Today, it is the great promise of French hip-hop. Baloji (38 years old, Congo) hates his name. he says he has tried to

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Jay Z apologies Beyoncé for 4
Kanye West

Kanye West at the Psychiatric Hospital

pagoskawaii 27/06/2017 celebrities

Kanye West is back to promote his new musical album after a terrible mental collapse he had in the last 7 months. Such was the mental collapse that had to be confined in a psychiatric hospital to  have a slow

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Samuel O'Kane
Kodigo Norte

Kodigo Norte

pagoskawaii 23/06/2017 celebrities
Jah’sta and its new album

Jah’sta and its new album

pagoskawaii 22/06/2017 celebrities