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Ander Lopez and Rap

Ander Lopez and his rap

pagoskawaii 16/06/2017 celebrities

Many have seen rap as a means to express their problems and emotions. In fact many young people are feeling a deep love for this stream of music as the musical rhythm. In combination with creative lyrics and rhymes rap

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Isabella The Hip Hop dancer
Rap and Culture
50 cent and the controversial photo
Eminem and The Album Marshall Mathers LP
Rebeca Lane A Latin American rap voice

Rebeca Lane: A Latin American rap voice

pagoskawaii 9/06/2017 celebrities

Inside the world of hip hop and rap, there are many renowned artists. Artists like 50 cent, Eminem, Xzibit, Public enemy, among others have formed the list of famous musical artists. They have been shown within the scene of rap and

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The dream retreat of Xzibit
Kendrick Lamar and His New Album