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The colombian rap band Farina

pagoskawaii 21/07/2017 celebrities

Rap in Colombia is one of the most effective way young people have to protest against the problems facing the country. One of these young celebrities of rap is nothing more and nothing less than Farina. She’s a seductive girl

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Argentina and rap Music

pagoskawaii 18/07/2017 celebrities
rap songs that should become in movies
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Rap and Culture
when problems are solved by rapping

When problems are solved by “Rapping”

pagoskawaii 1/06/2017 celebrities

Photographer Sascha Kraus has invested 6 years of his life in portraying 43 rappers who today star in his book ‘Forthright: stronger than a weapon’. Today, hip hop has become the most universal musical language. The only one that goes

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Gentrification and Graffiti

Gentrification and Graffiti

pagoskawaii 31/05/2017 celebrities
Famous Rap and Hip Hop Neighborhoods