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The hip hop singer, Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery

pagoskawaii 31/01/2017 celebrities

Last week, we had the chance to see on the news about the unexpected arrest of the Chicago hip hop singer Chief Keef. For the alleged robbery and assault of a former producer. The musician soon paid the half-million-dollar bail

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8 Best music groups of 2016

Emily 30/01/2017 celebrities

Top 10 singles in USA 2016

Emily 29/01/2017 celebrities

5 Best American female hip hop singers in 2016

Emily 28/01/2017 celebrities

For all its flaws, 2016 seemed like it was going to be the year of feminism. We even had a woman as a presidential candidate. So we decided to gather the best female artists in 2016 for a musical genre

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