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Ray BLK follows the same steps as Adele

pagoskawaii 31/03/2017 celebrities

Songs and more songs, singers and more singers, who without too much pride of protagonist become true protagonists of music, mainly European. Something that, without a doubt, is getting little by little is Ray BLK. If you do not know

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zayn malik

10 facts about Zayn Malik

pagoskawaii 30/03/2017 celebrities
Reasons to listen to Lil Yachty
Last Notorious B.I.G album turns 20
50 cent fashion trends

All the fashion trends of the rapper 50 Cent

pagoskawaii 24/03/2017 celebrities

50 Cent life has changed a lot since he started rap from his home in Jamaica (Queens) in New York. At present, in addition to music, he participates in different business initiatives ranging from television to clothing. In this context,

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Chris Brown