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10 facts about Zayn Malik

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Zayn Malik, his name has been enough to give title to the first autobiography of the former One Direction that has decided to explain himself and give his version of what happened when he left the group and decided to start his solo career. Because it is, his autobiography focuses on that time of his life. Do not expect a story about his childhood, his relationship with Perrie Edwards or Gigi Hadid or gossip about his peers.

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10 curiosities that we have discovered inside Zayn Malik story

1. he has a pub at home.

Zayn is always very present to his family, also to his grandparents who run a bar in Bradford (his hometown). As a tribute to them he has created a bar in the garden of his London home. He said that this bar is a real “treasure” for him. The decoration is almost the same his grandparents had in Chesterfield. The same couch and the same velvet curtains. It is clear that he is sentimental.

2. passion for boxing.

He acknowledges that at age 15 he got a bit chubby (who would say it) and that as the gym got bored, he opted for boxing. He claims that boxing not only change him physically, but mentally. He also pointed out that boxing taught him not to fight when there is not reasonable reason to do so.

3.arrival to L.A.

When he decided to move, things were not easy. They landed in a futuristic house in Hollywood Hills but they threw him out for the noise he made. He moved to Malibu and after a big barbecue with a lot of fuss, he had to change again. He ended up in the studio house of producer Trevor Horn where his life became an obsession for body care.

4. MET Gala.

Fashion has become one of the indispensable plots in Zayn Malik life. When he appeared at this year’s gala with a suit designed by Versace became the center of many comments. He said he wanted to tribute “Mortal Kombat”.

5. Surrounded by women.

When he started to create a new team, women took a lot of protagonist, even though some people called him chauvinist. He said that in view of the need for a genuinely peaceful and intelligent solution, it is better to call a woman.

6. He enjoys camping.

His former girlfriend’s father had fondled him for camping. He discovered that it inspired him a lot. In the process of discovering he left with one of his producers, Malay, two weeks of camping in Los Angeles National Forest.

7. House opening.

He ended up finding a house in Los Angeles, but not the typical mansion but a one-story house with two bedrooms. “All the rooms are white and the floors are bare, no carpets or anything, just concrete” he said in an interview.

8. collage artist.

Zayn Malik has a creative spirit that not only develops through his music. The graffiti are part of his life, in fact, he has a room dedicated to that and in the backstage of his tours with the group he was entertained by the painting. He also makes collages.

9. eating disorders.

In the final stage with One Direction, he suffered from eating disorders.

10. Pillowtalk Success.

One of Zayn’s fears when starting his own career was that his fans were not interested in his new proposal. The night before the release of his first single he stayed awake in a hotel room in Paris with his team. When he left at 6 in the morning they were seeing how it reached number 1 in 68 countries.

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