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12 Things you didn’t know about Drake

Parc_336 24 de August del 2016 celebrities

Talented and very popular, who doesn’t have ear about Drake? Drake, Drake Dj, Drizzy, Champangne, whatever names you heard about him, you probably aware of who years an d you probably have listen to his music at least one or being a huge fan. Well for you these are 12 things that you probably didn’t know about Drake.


Drake1. He´s the only black Jewish Canadian rap star in the word.


2. Drake real name is Aubrey Drake Graham.


3. He was born in October 24 of 1986.

4. He was raise in Toronto by his mother a white Jewish.


5. Drake first break was when he was attending the school, his classmate gives him a star after a local show presentation.


6. In 2001 was a former member of the cast of Degrassy a teenager Canadian drama series.


7. The first improvement of his music was in 2006 and in 2007 he releases his first hit single.


8. Drake first tour was with Lil Wayne.


9. After his breakthrough in the industry, a fight between two important producer took place for signed him to a big contract, the fight ends when he signed for Universal Records under Lil Wayne survey for $ 2.000.000.


10.He plays a role in an animated movie in 2012 by giving the voice to a character, a teenage mammoth called Ethan.


11. One of his fans got his name tattooed in her face.


12. For a time he work as a ghostwriter for Dr Dre´s Afther Math Records.



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