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A 30-degree hip-hop concert

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The Rels B concert was a real success. The singer performed last Thursday at the Reina Sofia Park along with MissD, who played two songs, the artist Rihana alone, and Itchy & buco, who accompanied him in many songs.

A 30-degree hip-hop concert

Three hours before the concert, scheduled at 22.30, the public began to arrive to take the front row seat. “It’s incredible, the kids have been here since seven-thirty in the afternoon to try to get as close to the stage as possible,” a member of the security service said. A good part of the audience that arrived before the concert, between the ages of thirteen and twenty, killed the time between alcohol and weed.

Rels B explained to Diario de Ibiza before the concert that he plans to leave the race in two years: “I want to keep making music a year or two more, whatever I can fill the piggy bank and retire. I really like the music, but I do not like this ‘world’, I hate it. The concerts I adore them, but I do not like the fame. Money does not pay to have privacy.

Dozens of young people come hours before the park Reina Sofia to “catch the front row” and see the singer Rels B

The music began to sound from 22 hours with the entry of Slim Samurai, Pandawigga, Vin2.000, Kelowaa, Jay Calabia and Juli, young people from Ibiza and Barcelona who played ten songs. During the performance, they distributed small bottles of water between the audience throwing them from the stage, as well as three shirts. In addition, they interacted with the young people by letting them sing or asking them to turn on the flashlights on their mobiles to take a group picture with them. No one is going to leave here with the battery of his charged mobile! Shouted one of the singers.

After thirty minutes, they gave way to Rels B, also known as Skinny Flakk, who came out on stage with a tank in his hand and without a T-shirt. “Before I go on stage I have the habit of drinking because that way I’m not ashamed,” the artist explained before going up on stage.

The singer began with ‘Boys Do not Cry’, which was very well received by a public delivered. Conscious of the heat that their fans were passing, the artist sprayed them with water from the stage several times. And many thanks him in a night at 30 degrees of temperature!

Such was the heat that some decided to leave their privileged situation in front of the stage to cool down.
The singer closed the concert at midnight with the theme ‘Free’. He did not want to prolong his performance, as he commented from the stage, not to disturb the neighbors of Vila. It was during the request of Bises, who finally did not concede.
After the concert, some of the audience stayed to take pictures with the singers and hoping to meet Rels B.

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