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Nicki Minaj finally met her idol, Lauryn Hill

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This has been a great year for Nicki Minaj. It is said that we should never compliment what we consider as Heroes, because they may not be what we have in mind.

But this was not the case for Nicki, when she met one of her childhood Heroes, it really was more than she expected. This year she fulfilled one of her dreams, which was to meet her childhood hero, the singer Lauryn Hill.

Lauryn Hill is a 41 year old rapper, actress and producer who have won 8 Grammy Awards.

At the TIDAL Solidarity Concert, for The Robin Hood Foundation, whose motive was to raise funds to inspire a positive social impact for the global education initiative.

It had a very outstanding moment in the dressing rooms when Nicki Minaj was with Lauryn Hill which is considered by her like her greater idol.

A meeting to never forget

Very excited and enthusiastic, Nicki Minaj appeared before Lauryn Hill demonstrating all her admiration and affection. Lauryn who she considers one of her majors influences. During this meeting, Minaj said the following: I am in love with you, your spirit, your mind and everything you are. You are my idol

While Lauryn Hill did not know how to hold the laughter in such an uncomfortable situation. She posed smiling next to her in several photos.

 Lauryn Hill

In front of this act of admiration, Minaj went up to her Instagram account. Posted all that moment by means of a video in which she mentions the following:

Forgive me while I have an extracorporeal experience. I tremble, I cry, WHAT DISASTER! This lady is the reason of my career, God. The Queen. The Goddess! The epitome! The top! She is the BEST!

She also uploaded a photo with Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

Nicki Minaj, mentions that her inspiration and impetus to enter the world of music was Lauryn Hill. As a child, she always wanted to be like her.

Many critics consider Minaj a brave person, expressing her feelings of admiration without fear.

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