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Autism and the Hip Hop / Rap culture

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In recent years different ways of combating autism have been discovered. Ways like therapies that lead to musical exercise. These musical exercises largely help to keep an open mind and awaken children who suffer from different degrees of autism.

As well as help establish a closer relationship either with their relatives or with study partners. Since it increases in a way significant social intelligence of which the vast majority of those with autism have difficulty having this kind of intelligence.

Music as it helps children with autism.

In schools, where the children with autism are taught different subjects such as math, chemistry, physics and others there is also a teaching component. In which children are taught to strengthen their musical ears in any of their styles. Like classical rock, blues and the most recent of all is hip hop and rap.

These last two musical styles (Rap and Hip Hop) have played a leading role. Encouraging the mind of the child with autism. Being a musical style where the body and the words must arise in a natural and creative way. The child quickly learns to express themselves in a coherent and fluid way thanks to the musical style of rap and hip hop.

Rap, Hip Hop and Autism

Rap and hip hop is a great combination that helps children with autism express themselves and develop within the musical world. It is also a great incentive for the child to know new words, rhythms, rhymes and others to help themselves to create the appropriate environments for their own social development.

Rap and hip hop is also a huge cultural aid since the great majority of the existences of the last years have to do with this musical genre. So children want to learn the lyrics of the famous songs of singers like Eminem, Usher, 50 Cent among others.

This cultural boom of recent times have inspired specialists dealing with cases of children with autism. Creating new tools that combine musical passion. With the help of social interaction and the exercise of language in these children.

Also, these methods help children to express themselves. Emotionally with rhymes or words. So that they can express their emotions without the difficulty they had in previous years.


In conclusion it can be said that hip hop and rap, help children with autism. As well as other musical tendencies. It help to overcome the barrier of the autistic ghost who have had so much time on their shoulders. With music, body expressions and especially rhymes. Also musical lyrics and more.

That is why rap and hip hop is the number 1 choice when health professionals responsible for encouraging children with autism can express their emotions within society.

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