» » Barack Obama wants Will Smith to play him at the movies

Barack Obama wants Will Smith to play him at the movies

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Nobody doubts that sooner or later the stage of Barack Obama as president of the United States will be taken to the movies. When that happens, there is already a serious candidate to play Donald Trump’s predecessor: Will Smith. The actor himself and rapper has revealed it in the television space Carpool karaoke, featuring the comedian James Corden.

Will Smith

“Have you ever had talked to embody Barack Obama in a movie?” Asks Corden. “Yes, Smith replies, and then adds, “I’ve talked to Barack about it.” Really? And what did he say? The presenter wants to know. ”He said he was sure that I had the perfect ears for the role” explains the actor who was once known as the Prince of Bel-Air.

Corden then suggests that he might incorporate some of his typical phrases, such as “Oh, hell, no,” which appears in I, Robot among others. And he proposes that he respond with that phrase to some random questions. One of them is: “Let’s dance like in the nineties the Macarena,” to which Will Smith replies: “Oh, hell, no.”

Fragments of Obama’s life have already been brought to the screens. In 2016 Barry (of Vikram Gandhi), produced by Netflix and centered in the first year of the ex- president in the University of Columbia (New York), when it was 20 years old was released. In that case, the leading role was played by the Australian Devon Terrell. A different approach has Southside with you (directed by Richard Tanne), also released last year: it narrates the first appointment between Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson, back in 1989. Here is the actor Parker Sawyers the one in charge to give life to Obama.

It would not be the first time Will Smith played a real character: in 2001 he got into the skin of boxer Muhammad Ali for the movie Ali, directed by Michael Mann.

The Prince of Bel Air: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff reunited at a Music Festival

El príncipe de Bel Air Will Smith y DJ Jazzy Jeff se reencuentran en un Festival de Música

Do you remember the friendship of Will and Jazz in The Prince of Bel-Air? Both were friends on the small screen during the six-year series, but their relationship did not end there. Together, along with their passion for music, they have played this weekend at the Livewire Festival in Blackpool UK.

One of the starring themes of the performance of Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, and what you can hear next is ‘Get Lit’, a “response to the chaos and confusion” in the world. “I wanted to make a song that would allow people shine with their own light. We all have an inner light and sometimes in this world, people can say things about what you can and cannot do. But when they tell you that like it depresses you for a while, right? I wanted to make it clear and remember that each of us shines” Smith explained during the performance.

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