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Top 3 Best Hip hop TV series

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Did you already go to the movies to see La La Land? It seems that there is a big musical boom on this movie in some specialized pages such as Filmaffinity, or IMDB get more than 8 points on the media. There are good critics knowing that users value musical films. A boom for the musical cinema that we are going to take advantage of to make a review to the three series of television that right now they are hitting the spot, mainly, if you like Rhythm and blues, Hip Hop, Funk and Disco Music.

Top 3 Hip Hop TV series

The Get Down

It is undoubtedly one of the best Hip Hop-focused musical series ever. Actually, it is more perfectly mirrored, in some cases it almost seems like an imprint of reality, the whole emergence of Hip Hop in the Bronx district in New York in the 70s. Even in the series, one of the most important figures of Hip Hop appeared as Grandmaster Flash, who with his brilliant passion for music managed to use the play discs totally differently and turn disco music into the best base for later known as MCs.

You can see The Get Down on Netflix, at least, the first season since we are still waiting for the second one. This series has only 6 episodes, and we tell you that they go like flying thanks to the level as director of Baz Luhrmann, who among other films has directed feature films such as Moulin Rouge or The Great Gatsby.


Another series you should not miss is Empire. A production that is based on Lucious Lyon’s company, Empire Entertainment, and his family of artists, mainly his two youngest children, Jamal Lyon, R&B singer, and Hakeem Lyon, the rapper of the family.

Without revealing too much about the story of this series that already has three seasons emitted, the plot revolves around everything that happens in the family and the company with continuous flashbacks to the past that help to understand everything that happens in the present.

The network that was in charge to emit Empire was the well-known FOX. Although it is not a series drawn from a real story as is the case in The get down, Empire is very worthwhile and it also includes familiar faces from the world of music such as Estelle, Mariah Carey, among others.


From the three series, Vinyl has been the one that less success has harvested. Many accuse it as a millionaire fiasco in which many hopes had been placed, but which has not yet come to burst out. Even so, Vinyl is about disco, punk and hip hop from the 70’s, so it should also be included in this list.

Vinyl is produced by HBO, the same producer of great series as Game of Thrones, True Detective or Westworld, and only has a 10-episode season. Perhaps the best part of the series is its setting.

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